The Name I Won’t Forget

I was helping a friend in a Management project. The assignment was to discuss a Kuwaiti personality, and he chose Essa Hussain Al Yousifi, may his soul rest in peace. Our reference was Dr. Adel Essa Al Yousifi’s book about his father’s life. The book is amazingly written, and goes into details about Al Yousifi’s life. It is one of the “MUST READ” books.

I was lucky to meet him in personal, and believe me .. no matter what I say, it’s never enough, and I can’t explain the man in few words, but I will try my best.

A name that crafted itself in the economy of Kuwait. A name that reached the top of the mountain through an amazing ambition. A man that helped the poor endlessly. A man with heart of an angel, a soul of a courageous warrior, and a mind of true patriot. A name that I will never forget. Essa Hussain Al Yousifi !

I deeply apologize knowing it’s never enough to talk about you, but I dedicated this post to your soul, and to your family!



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2 responses to “The Name I Won’t Forget

  1. adel alyousifi

    dear abdulrazzaq
    thank you very much for your nice words about my father,
    good people like you ” taybeen ” who knew my father made him what he was
    so thank you for being in his life

  2. having you passing by the blog is an honor to me!
    Whatever I say is not enough uncle Adel!
    Thank you for ur time, I really appreciate it!!

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